How to Get Facetime on Android

Many people wonder if it is possible to use FaceTime on their Android phone. FaceTime is a video calling app designed by Apple. Like many other apps by this company, FaceTime is also exclusive to the users of Apple devices.

In spite of knowing that FaceTime is not officially available on Android, people are always looking for workaround to install it on their Android smartphones. They look up on the internet for any solutions. There are some websites that claim to enable FaceTime for Android Phone. However, the users must be aware that there is no way they can run FaceTime on their Android smartphone.


FaceTime can only be run on the supported OSX or iOS devices such as Mac computers and iPhones. If there is any site claims to provide such an option, please steer clear from it. The site may ask you to download some software on your phone which may put it at the risk of viruses and malicious programs.

FaceTime is a great app but you don’t necessarily need it to make high quality video calls. There are many alternatives that work really well on Android. Here is a quick look.


Messenger is an app designed by Facebook. To use this app you will need to log in with your Facebook id and password. Once you are logged in you can use Messenger to make video calls to your friends on Facebook.

Messenger is in fact a multipurpose app that also allows you to make voice calls or send text, video, voice, and picture messages.


Google Duo

FaceTime is an app dedicated to video calling only. It does not have text or voice calling feature. If you are looking for an Android alternative that has been designed especially for video calling you should look at Google Duo. It is a very new app which was launched only a couple of months ago.

 duo-calling app


Anyone who makes video calls regularly must also be aware of Skype. In fact, Skype is the name everyone knows and it needs no introduction. It was the pioneer of video calling. It offers some really awesome features that make it the must-have for everyone.

skype app