4 Best Messengers for Mobile and Computers

There are lots of messaging services in the market these days. But, there are only a few that stand out. The others and come and gone, but some have stayed and will continue to. Messengers today offer many innovative ways to interact and stay connected with people. Let’s have a look at some of the best messengers for mobiles and computers.


WhatsApp web has been around for a while. WhatsApp has now also released the desktop version for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users. We know that WhatsApp is an extensively used application. By extending its support to computers, this incredible messaging app has made itself even more useful. WhatsApp uses a simple and easy to use interface. It is the most widely downloaded and used messaging app all over the world. You can send videos, texts, images, and make video and voice calls using your mobile as well as your computer. It is the best messenger for various platforms.


Kik Messenger

More than 300 million people worldwide have downloaded and installed Kik app. This goes on to tell how popular this app is. You can use this app on iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, it does not have a desktop app or a web-based version. But, you can still use Kik messenger for PC with the help of Android emulator. Kik Messenger, just like the other messaging apps, allows you to send media messages, text messages and make video and audio calls. Kik app also allows you to create or join groups which have been created for interests similar to yours.



Facebook Messenger is also one of the best messengers for mobile and computers. You can download the mobile version for iOS and Android. You can also use it on your browser through your Facebook account. When you log in to Facebook on the browser, on the right you see the chat window. If you wish to use it separately on your browser, you can directly visit https://www.messenger.com. You can log in with your FB ID and password on this site. Messenger lets you make video and audio calls and send messages on mobile as well as computer.

The Hottest Live-Streaming Social Apps You Need to Try

We have been making video calls and sharing video files using instant messaging applications for a long time. But, video sharing has been taken to new heights with the new live streaming apps. When you make a video call you are connected to the one person at a time. However, when you broadcast you are live over the internet and the video can be seen by many people at a time. Want to go live? Here are some of the hottest live streaming social apps you would love to try.

Facebook Live


Facebook Live isn’t an app but a feature offered by the Facebook app for Android, iOS and other platforms. If you have installed the Facebook app on your mobile device, you can use this feature to broadcast yourself on Facebook. Your broadcast could be public or private, depending upon your choice. The private video is available only to your friends on FB. On the other hand, public broadcast can be seen by all. When you go live, by default your friends and followers receive a notification about it, unless they have disabled Facebook Live notifications.



Periscope is indeed one of the hottest names among the live streaming social apps. While Facebook is a great option to go live, it is not dedicated to live broadcasting. On the other hand, Periscope is a dedicated social app for live video streaming. This app is now owned by the social media giant Twitter. However, Periscope maintains its own followers independent of Twitter. The good thing is that you can make the live video available on Twitter as well. Periscope is available on the mobile devices. But, if you have an android emulator you can use Periscope for windows as well.

Live Stream


LiveStream isn’t just any other app. It is a complete live streaming solution. Even though this app is not free, it is still very popular. It has been designed for professionals and people who are serious about their live broadcasts. It charges a minimum of $42 a month, which could be a very high price for many. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful live streaming suite you can try.

How to Get Facetime on Android

Many people wonder if it is possible to use FaceTime on their Android phone. FaceTime is a video calling app designed by Apple. Like many other apps by this company, FaceTime is also exclusive to the users of Apple devices.

In spite of knowing that FaceTime is not officially available on Android, people are always looking for workaround to install it on their Android smartphones. They look up on the internet for any solutions. There are some websites that claim to enable FaceTime for Android Phone. However, the users must be aware that there is no way they can run FaceTime on their Android smartphone.


FaceTime can only be run on the supported OSX or iOS devices such as Mac computers and iPhones. If there is any site claims to provide such an option, please steer clear from it. The site may ask you to download some software on your phone which may put it at the risk of viruses and malicious programs.

FaceTime is a great app but you don’t necessarily need it to make high quality video calls. There are many alternatives that work really well on Android. Here is a quick look.


Messenger is an app designed by Facebook. To use this app you will need to log in with your Facebook id and password. Once you are logged in you can use Messenger to make video calls to your friends on Facebook.

Messenger is in fact a multipurpose app that also allows you to make voice calls or send text, video, voice, and picture messages.


Google Duo

FaceTime is an app dedicated to video calling only. It does not have text or voice calling feature. If you are looking for an Android alternative that has been designed especially for video calling you should look at Google Duo. It is a very new app which was launched only a couple of months ago.

 duo-calling app


Anyone who makes video calls regularly must also be aware of Skype. In fact, Skype is the name everyone knows and it needs no introduction. It was the pioneer of video calling. It offers some really awesome features that make it the must-have for everyone.

skype app

How to access iMessage online

iMessage is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps. It is a great app designed in-house by Apple Inc. This app uses the data or Wi-Fi to send text, voice, video, and picture messages to other Apple users.

iMessage can be used from the iOS devices. But many people find it convenient to use it online using their computer. Many find it easier to type using the keyboard instead of the keypad of the phone. So, here are some ways you can use this app online.


Remote Access on Chrome Browser

By using this method you can use iMessage on your Windows PC. But you must already have a Mac computer with iMessage on it. It is a great way to access iMessage from Windows PC when you are not carrying your Mac computer. There is no doubt that Windows based laptops and PCs are more easily available. Here is how you can do it:

  • Make sure that you have Google Chrome browser installed both on Mac and PC
  • Go to the Settings in Chrome and select ‘Extensions’ on the left sidebar.
  • Install ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ on both the computers
  • On your Mac computer, enable the Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Chrome will give you an access code. Either write it down or make sure you remember it.
  • Enable the Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows computer now
  • Click on ‘Connect Remotely’ and input the access code
  • This way you will be able to access iMessage online

On Windows PC without Chrome

If you wish to independently install iMessage on Windows PC and use it online, you will need to use a workaround. This app is not available to the Windows users officially.

You will require iPadian for this purpose. It is an OSX emulator. When you are using the emulator, you will not need to own a Mac computer too.

Emulator will create the semblance of Mac OS environment on your PC. You will have access to all the OSX apps.

Directly on your Mac Computer

iMessage app is built in-to the OSX. You just need to find it and start using it.

The Best Apps to Transfer Large Files to Any device

With the time, sharing the files has been easy now and no need to plug USB into your device. There are lots of options available in the market for sharing the files but we brought few popular apps. The applications are available for all Operating systems and run over Wi-Fi direct. So, find the right one for your requirements.

  1. Shareit

Shareit doesn’t need any introduction as it has established its name in the crowd of apps and being advanced day by day. The app lets user to transfer files (audio, videos, images and Documents) to another smartphone or windows PC. Whether you are a smartphone user or a PC user, shareit app fulfils your requirements though its quick share button feature. It’s available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.


  1. Zapya

Zapya is world’s fastest cross-platform file sharing app which transfers files 200 times faster and being used more than 300 Million users worldwide. With Zapya App one can transfer files from Android to iOS that makes it cross-platform app. The app is available for all Operating systems including Android, Windows and iOS. The app can be downloaded on PC using Bluestacks Emulator.


  1. Xender

Xender is also another popular name amongst the file sharing apps which has gained big name in a very short span. Sending big files from one device to another has been easy due to Xender.  All files (Music, Videos, Movies, Documents and Images) can be shared easily using Xender. It doesn’t require any active Wi-Fi connection, creates its own Wi-Fi for security purpose.


  1. Superbeam

How can we forget Superbeam while talking about best file sharing apps?

No need to worry, if don’t have internet connection. Superbeam also creates its own Wi-Fin network and sends files between devices using Wi-Fi direct. The app is capable to transfer all types of data such as Images, audio, videos and PDFs. For pairing the devices, you need to scan screen QR code and then only you can transfer the files.


  1. Portal

Portal is new app into the market of File sharing apps and comes with all the required features. For using the app, you just need to launch the app and it asks for scanning the QR code. When paring is done, you can easily transfer huge files to another Android device. It works on Android device only.



SoundTrap Vs GarageBand : Which one is Good?

GarageBand is an Apple Application which helps amateurs create their own music using ‘Smart” Instruments and share it online.  It has trendy features which helps you make, remix and try your musical creativity but what happens when you turn professional?  Can you still continue to use Apple GarageBand application or you look for something extra? Well if you are to believe makers of SoundTrap they are actually bringing a Music recording studio virtually to your computer.  Here are a few differences between features available on these two bitterly competing Applications.

If Apple Pro Trainers are to believed, their GarageBand may have used by some professionally working Musicians but their intention was to give a platform the hobbyists who can’t get into a professional studio and therefore enjoy some of its features virtually.  The SoundTrap though is a serious professional Application created for the musicians to create Loop Music for commercial exploitation.

While using GarageBand App you can only use Apple Loops while SoundTrap being a professional’s use Application you can use any of the available loops including Apple, WAV and AIFF.

GarageBand can’t create custom Scores and does not support Graphics to go along with the music.  SoundTrap does have all these features which you require to actually make a Music Video.

GarageBand though has Guitar Amp Simulators which the SoundTrap Application does not have.  Though it can record it from somewhere but it does not have the capacity to create one.


Looking at the features it is clear that SoundTrap is an application which you might need after successfully experiencing all the features of GarageBand.  Once you go through the basics and then get deep into music creation and you feel you can now get into the serious scheme of things then it is time for you to get SoundTrap Application.

Refine Your Videos Using These Editing Apps

Hello guys, today we have got something special for you. We will give tell you about the best video editing app for mobile/smartphone. We can easily edit videos in our pc or computers but we can’t have access to these devices all the time that is why we have found some interesting apps, which you can you use in your phone to edit videos.

Here’s the list of the best video editing apps for mobile.

1.      Movie Edit Touch – Video App

Movie Edit Touch – Video App

Movie Edit Touch was developed by Magix Software, and it is absolutely free. The app allows you to edit videos on your smartphone and share it instantly. You can reduce the length and size of the video by using this app. It allows you to add some cool effects in videos, and you can also add titles.So, the app makes it possible to edit and share your best moments with everyone.  The app is popular for its transition effects and software compatibility. The company has recently launched updated version of it with some additional specifications and visual effects.

2. iMovie


iMovie is the best video editing application, which you can get only on iOS devices. The app provides more than enough features to edit a video with some special effects. Its interface is very user friendly that is why Apple users always want to use this app for video editing. You can make your video more attractive, and you can share the edited videos with your friends. The app is trending now a days and windows users also want to use it on their PC. If you are windows user and want to download iMovie for PC then it’s impossible because no PC version has been launched yet. But, you can find few similar alternatives which offering almost similar features.

3.      KineMaster –Pro Video Editor

kine master

KineMaster is a pro video editor, which allows us to edit our video like a pro. It has got many features such as 3D transitions, multi-track audio and more. It allows you to do frame by frame trimming of videos, and you can also play around with the sound of videos as you can fade in/fade out the audio. There is a collection of themes, visual effects, audio effects and animations, so you get more variety to make your video awesome.

Hope, you loved our post and found the content very useful for video editing work. These apps would be nice for those who are novice to video editing and want to learn pro work ahead.