The Hottest Live-Streaming Social Apps You Need to Try

We have been making video calls and sharing video files using instant messaging applications for a long time. But, video sharing has been taken to new heights with the new live streaming apps. When you make a video call you are connected to the one person at a time. However, when you broadcast you are live over the internet and the video can be seen by many people at a time. Want to go live? Here are some of the hottest live streaming social apps you would love to try.

Facebook Live


Facebook Live isn’t an app but a feature offered by the Facebook app for Android, iOS and other platforms. If you have installed the Facebook app on your mobile device, you can use this feature to broadcast yourself on Facebook. Your broadcast could be public or private, depending upon your choice. The private video is available only to your friends on FB. On the other hand, public broadcast can be seen by all. When you go live, by default your friends and followers receive a notification about it, unless they have disabled Facebook Live notifications.



Periscope is indeed one of the hottest names among the live streaming social apps. While Facebook is a great option to go live, it is not dedicated to live broadcasting. On the other hand, Periscope is a dedicated social app for live video streaming. This app is now owned by the social media giant Twitter. However, Periscope maintains its own followers independent of Twitter. The good thing is that you can make the live video available on Twitter as well. Periscope is available on the mobile devices. But, if you have an android emulator you can use Periscope for windows as well.

Live Stream


LiveStream isn’t just any other app. It is a complete live streaming solution. Even though this app is not free, it is still very popular. It has been designed for professionals and people who are serious about their live broadcasts. It charges a minimum of $42 a month, which could be a very high price for many. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful live streaming suite you can try.

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