Refine Your Videos Using These Editing Apps

Hello guys, today we have got something special for you. We will give tell you about the best video editing app for mobile/smartphone. We can easily edit videos in our pc or computers but we can’t have access to these devices all the time that is why we have found some interesting apps, which you can you use in your phone to edit videos.

Here’s the list of the best video editing apps for mobile.

1.      Movie Edit Touch – Video App

Movie Edit Touch – Video App

Movie Edit Touch was developed by Magix Software, and it is absolutely free. The app allows you to edit videos on your smartphone and share it instantly. You can reduce the length and size of the video by using this app. It allows you to add some cool effects in videos, and you can also add titles.So, the app makes it possible to edit and share your best moments with everyone.  The app is popular for its transition effects and software compatibility. The company has recently launched updated version of it with some additional specifications and visual effects.

2. iMovie


iMovie is the best video editing application, which you can get only on iOS devices. The app provides more than enough features to edit a video with some special effects. Its interface is very user friendly that is why Apple users always want to use this app for video editing. You can make your video more attractive, and you can share the edited videos with your friends. The app is trending now a days and windows users also want to use it on their PC. If you are windows user and want to download iMovie for PC then it’s impossible because no PC version has been launched yet. But, you can find few similar alternatives which offering almost similar features.

3.      KineMaster –Pro Video Editor

kine master

KineMaster is a pro video editor, which allows us to edit our video like a pro. It has got many features such as 3D transitions, multi-track audio and more. It allows you to do frame by frame trimming of videos, and you can also play around with the sound of videos as you can fade in/fade out the audio. There is a collection of themes, visual effects, audio effects and animations, so you get more variety to make your video awesome.

Hope, you loved our post and found the content very useful for video editing work. These apps would be nice for those who are novice to video editing and want to learn pro work ahead.

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