SoundTrap Vs GarageBand : Which one is Good?

GarageBand is an Apple Application which helps amateurs create their own music using ‘Smart” Instruments and share it online.  It has trendy features which helps you make, remix and try your musical creativity but what happens when you turn professional?  Can you still continue to use Apple GarageBand application or you look for something extra? Well if you are to believe makers of SoundTrap they are actually bringing a Music recording studio virtually to your computer.  Here are a few differences between features available on these two bitterly competing Applications.

If Apple Pro Trainers are to believed, their GarageBand may have used by some professionally working Musicians but their intention was to give a platform the hobbyists who can’t get into a professional studio and therefore enjoy some of its features virtually.  The SoundTrap though is a serious professional Application created for the musicians to create Loop Music for commercial exploitation.

While using GarageBand App you can only use Apple Loops while SoundTrap being a professional’s use Application you can use any of the available loops including Apple, WAV and AIFF.

GarageBand can’t create custom Scores and does not support Graphics to go along with the music.  SoundTrap does have all these features which you require to actually make a Music Video.

GarageBand though has Guitar Amp Simulators which the SoundTrap Application does not have.  Though it can record it from somewhere but it does not have the capacity to create one.


Looking at the features it is clear that SoundTrap is an application which you might need after successfully experiencing all the features of GarageBand.  Once you go through the basics and then get deep into music creation and you feel you can now get into the serious scheme of things then it is time for you to get SoundTrap Application.

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