The Best Apps to Transfer Large Files to Any device

With the time, sharing the files has been easy now and no need to plug USB into your device. There are lots of options available in the market for sharing the files but we brought few popular apps. The applications are available for all Operating systems and run over Wi-Fi direct. So, find the right one for your requirements.

  1. Shareit

Shareit doesn’t need any introduction as it has established its name in the crowd of apps and being advanced day by day. The app lets user to transfer files (audio, videos, images and Documents) to another smartphone or windows PC. Whether you are a smartphone user or a PC user, shareit app fulfils your requirements though its quick share button feature. It’s available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.


  1. Zapya

Zapya is world’s fastest cross-platform file sharing app which transfers files 200 times faster and being used more than 300 Million users worldwide. With Zapya App one can transfer files from Android to iOS that makes it cross-platform app. The app is available for all Operating systems including Android, Windows and iOS. The app can be downloaded on PC using Bluestacks Emulator.


  1. Xender

Xender is also another popular name amongst the file sharing apps which has gained big name in a very short span. Sending big files from one device to another has been easy due to Xender.  All files (Music, Videos, Movies, Documents and Images) can be shared easily using Xender. It doesn’t require any active Wi-Fi connection, creates its own Wi-Fi for security purpose.


  1. Superbeam

How can we forget Superbeam while talking about best file sharing apps?

No need to worry, if don’t have internet connection. Superbeam also creates its own Wi-Fin network and sends files between devices using Wi-Fi direct. The app is capable to transfer all types of data such as Images, audio, videos and PDFs. For pairing the devices, you need to scan screen QR code and then only you can transfer the files.


  1. Portal

Portal is new app into the market of File sharing apps and comes with all the required features. For using the app, you just need to launch the app and it asks for scanning the QR code. When paring is done, you can easily transfer huge files to another Android device. It works on Android device only.



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